Medical Basic Life Support Ambulance Transport


Basic Life Support Unit (BLS)

BLS patient care is provided by two certified emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) who are trained in basic emergency medical care, basic airway management, orthopedic care, non-invasive inter-facility transports, and emergency response.

Our EMT personnel is experienced and trained to quickly evaluate a patient’s condition and take interventive action, maintain a patient’s breathing and circulation by CPR and defibrillation, control external bleeding, and prevent shock and further injury while safely transporting the patient to a hospital emergency department for medical care.

BLS Service Areas

Coastal EMS Basic Life Support transportation services are located in the Northern Houston areas, which include the following areas:

At Coastal EMS, our state-of-the-art ambulances will ensure your safety to your desired destination. Contact Coastal EMS for your Basic Life Support transportation.

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