Nursing Home & Assisted Living Transportation


The Long-Term Care Industry has seen enormous growth in the past decade.  Those type of facilities included Skilled Nursing Care, Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities.

Each of these facilities represents a critical role in caring for the senior population at different stages of their golden years.  Keeping in mind that each facility type has unique transportation requirements and needs.  

All types of long term care facilities will need urgent care and transportation but along with that is non-emergency ambulance transportation and a medical van transport for wheel chair and semi-ambulatory residents.

The specialized care offered by Coastal EMS staff offers a free on site physical examination to access the medical need for treatment at the emergency department or if a routine physician appointment is more prudent.  This physical exam can include EKG, SPO2 check, blood glucose monitoring and other diagnostic procedures to ascertain the overall wellness of the patient.

Coastal EMS being a full-service organization offers all levels of medical transportation and treatment needs, from the Advanced Life Support to the routine physician visit.


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